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Post by Admin on Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:12 am

Winston brand is one of the most popular cigarette brands in the history of tobacco industry. It is one of 10 top-selling cigarette brands across the world, and sixth best-selling in the U.S. And their huge popularity is on the rise.

Winston was introduced to the U.S. cigarette market in 1954, becoming the first national cigarette brand to be equipped with filters. RJ Reynolds, the manufacturer of these cigarettes, named them after the City of Winston-Salem where the company’s first tobacco plant was located.

Winston cigarettes gained enormous popularity among adult smokers shortly after the launch. In 1956 Winston became the leading cigarette brand in the USA, and in decade the brand was named the best-selling tobacco product, a place that Winston was holding for almost seven years, before yielding that position to another iconic tobacco product, Marlboro.

The main feature that encouraged the huge popularity of Winston brand is the secret tobacco formula comprised from the finest tobacco imported from Brazil and Nicaragua and blended with care to give Winston cigarettes its mild and inimitable taste. In addition, the premium quality, peculiar to all tobacco products manufactured by RJ Reynolds (in the USA) and Japan Tobacco International (outside of the USA), undoubtedly makes Winston cigarettes worthy to be tried.

Winston brand provides the slower burning time turning smoking into thrilling sensation of delight. It doesn’t matter which style of Winston you prefer, you will always have a superb quality cigarette with a smooth and mild taste, charming flavor and at moderate price.

Winston offers a wide assortment of varieties, ranging by strength, length and flavor. currently offers Winston in seven different styles, so that every adult cigarette-lover might select the one that matches all his requirements.

If you prefer classic smokes, you can try Winston Classic, Winston Blue or Winston Silver, or you can opt for low-tar Winston White.

If you are willing to try a more delicate and exclusive smoke, better try Winston Super Slims Silver and Winston Super Slims Blue.


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