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Sobranie is one of the oldest cigarette brands in the world. The trademark House of Sobranie was registered in London back in 1879. Originally Sobrianie cigarettes were manufactured manually.

Up until today their manufacture is concentrated in Europe. The distribution of the cigarettes in concentrated also in Europe as well as in Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Being one of only several brands in the premium segment, Sobranie is executed in calligraphic design, which originally attracted consumers.

This tradition has been preserved to the present days and has justified itself to the fullest. Sobranie has been created for a special layer of consumers, and up to this very day it is considered as the sign of wealth and prestige.

The packaging of the new Sobranie cigarettes has been thought over in great detail: a compact octahedral form, fine texture and raised impression are all there to emphasize the style of modern luxury.

Unique impressive taste of the new line is achieved thanks to the high art of the blenders of the House of Sobranie when they blend together the first-class sorts of tobacco and apply air-carbon filter of the mouthpiece.

Along with a carbon element, this innovation combines air channels and a mouthpiece, thanks to which air-tobacco blend is mildly cooled off and all the nuances of taste become even more apparent.

All material used for the manufacture of Sobranie cigarettes are specially supplied from various locations all over the world in order for the finished product to achieve high quality it is known for.

Currently Sobranie is represented in the following taste variations:

Sobranie Black Russian tar volume – 9mg / nicotine – 0.8mg
Sobranie London Cocktail tar volume – 7mg / nicotine – 0.7mg
Sobranie Slims Whites tar volume – 1mg / nicotine – 0.1mg
Sobranie Slims Blues tar volume – 5mg / nicotine – 0.5mg
Sobranie Slims Mints tar volume – 5mg / nicotine – 0.5mg
Sobranie Slims Pink tar volume – 5mg / nicotine – 0.5mg


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