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Rothmans cigarette is a brand of the Rothmans International plc., whose brands included Rothmans and Dunhill. In 1999 Rothmans merged with British American Tobacco. Rothmans Cigarettes have a rich heritage and traditions and today their reputation is excellent in different parts of the world. The distinctive flavor blend of tobacco that gives Rothmans its comforting taste has ensured a wide consumer base. Whether at work, at home, outdoor or at a glamour party, Rothmans cigarettes will be the pillar on which you can rely for comfort, support or plain pleasure in every situation.

Rothmans cigarettes were initially produced in Fleet Street, London in 1890. Rothmans International (the producer of the brand) was established by Louis Rothman. His business indicated his greatest desire to launch something special and irrevocable into the tobacco market. But big things start from little things. It is a rule. First of all, Louis Rothman began his business by hand-making cigarettes in 1890 and the quality was so excellent that he was given a royal warrant by King Edward VII in 1905. Although, some time later the company was bought by Philip Morris International and became the part of British American Tobacco, Rothmans cigarettes are still popular for that premium British quality. There is an amusing story referred to the brand.

When North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-il was searching for the original cigarettes to imitate them and release in his country, he chose Rothmans among many other cigarettes brands and gave his experts the goal to find out the cigarettes' composition. The result did not keep him waiting: he started producing Paektusan cigarettes in an attempt to imitate their taste. Rothmans cigarettes (along with all its variants) are obtainable at accessible prices online. This tobacco product can be your perfect match helping you discover the pleasure of smoking process. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to buy Rothman cigarettes!


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