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Pall Mall cigarette brand is one of the first tobacco products to be produced by U.S. tobacco industry. It was initially introduced to the market in 1899, being premium product for wealthy smokers, but is still amazingly popular in more than 100 markets around the world.

Pall Mall brands became a product of American Tobacco Co, in the beginning of 20th Century. The largest tobacco company of that time turned the brand into one of the most innovative cigarette brands in the country. In the 1930s Pall Mall was launched in the king-size format that shortly became the icon of tobacco industry. However, the manufacturers kept their innovative approach to Pall Mall, and introduced another style of Pall Mall, that became the gold standard for the industry, launching Pall Mall 100s in 1966.

Pall Mall cigarettes offered many innovations during its golden age, providing new methods of blending tobacco, composing tobacco blend and applying new filter systems.

Thus, it was not surprising that Pall Mall was the most popular tobacco products in the 1950s. It held its leadership position in the market during more than six years, before loosing it to Winston in 1966. However, for some unclear reasons the manufacturers decided to concentrate on other brands and Pall Mall’s popularity began fading.

Pall Mall was revived to life after being acquired by RJ Reynolds Tobacco and re-launched to the market in 2001. RJ Reynolds used a wise marketing strategy, advertising the brand as a discount cigarette brand that offers a mild but bracing flavor and premium quality. And in only several years the popularity of Pall Mall raised so much that it became the third best-selling brand in the USA, outstripping many famous brands.

Despite its fluctuations on the US market, Pall Mall remained outstandingly popular in Europe and other markets, being one of the strategic global brands of British American Tobacco.

If you are willing to try the superb quality and inimitable flavor of Pall Mall cigarettes, you can visit our discount online cigarette store at and order Pall Mall brand available in the following styles:

Pall Mall Red
Pall Mall Blue
Pall Mall Amber
Pall Mall Silver
Pall Mall Blue Slims
Pall Mall Amber Slims
Pall Mall Nanokings Blue Slims
Pall Mall Nanokings Amber Slims

These styles vary in strength and size but share the exclusive quality beloved by many adult smokers across the world.


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