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Post by Admin on Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:46 pm

Marlboro cigarette brand doesn’t need any advert as it is simply the best and most popular tobacco product across the world. Marlboro has such a commanding leading position in the tobacco industry that hardly anyone believes its major rivals can approach to it within the next years.

Marlboro brand initially appeared in 1902 in the United States. It should be mentioned that Philip Morris, the manufacturer of Marlboro introduced this brand as a mild smoke intended for growing audience of female smokers. However, after the brand was re-launched in the late 1940’s it focused on male smokers, what shortly proved to be the best-possible strategy.

Although Philip Morris USA, held several world-famous marketing campaigns advertising its flagship brand, it’s the unbeaten quality and superb taste that helped Marlboro become the number one cigarettes brand in the global tobacco industry. There are thousands different cigarette brands in the world, but only Marlboro is considered to be the worldwide symbol of premium quality and elite smoking community.

Our online discount cigarette shop offers its customers to discover the world of supreme quality and rich heritage by purchasing Marlboro cigarettes in one of the free traditional varieties: Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold or Marlboro Silver. Or you can opt for something new and intrigue by trying one of the latest varieties of Marlboro brand: Marlboro Filter Plus and Marlboro Filter Plus Extra, which are equipped with the innovative filter system, or Marlboro Gold Edge, a nano-slim cigarette which offers delicate flavor, refined quality and stylish design intended especially for adult women-smokers.

Smokers who prefer Marlboro admit they are loyal to the brand not only for its inimitable taste and premium quality, but also for the feeling of self-belief and freedom they get with every puff of Marlboro cigarettes.

Our tobacco shop is delighted to recommend its adult customers the legend of tobacco industry, premium Marlboro cigarettes at a discount price. Order now to become part of exclusive Marlboro-smoking community!


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