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Benson & Hedges brand was created in Canada in 1873 by Richard Benson and William Hedges as Benson and Hedges Ltd. Benson & Hedges is considered to be a high-end cigarettes brand that has a long history in the UK and in all colonies once owned by the British Empire. Twelve years later, the business was inherited by William's son, Alfred Paget. Meanwhile, Richard Benson sold his part of the business and the principal place of business. The company was relocated and moved back to England.

In the 20th century, Benson & Hedges opened a branch in the US, and this branch became a distinct company in 1928 that joined Philip Morris in 1958. Benson & Hedges followed the example of Benson and Hedges Ltd: three years before, it was bought by Gallaher Group. Benson & Hedges cigarettes brand got a British royal warrant in 1878, and has produced since that time real cigarettes worth of the royal family. No other rivals can stay on the same level with the mentioned brand. It possesses the unforgettable taste and flavor, which attract many capricious smokers all over the world.


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