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Davidoff Cigarettes … What a familiar name? It is indisputable that this name knows probably every person, who is an expert in elite quality goods. That's why having heard or read somewhere this name, you can be sure that this is a top-quality article, no matter if it is smoking one or not. Beyond tobacco products, Davidoff  cigarettes has expanded to include under its brand such items as pipes, humidors and Men's aftershave Cool Water.

As concerns to smoking products, Davidoff cigarettes trademark beats all nature. It has build unshakeable reputation at international tobacco market long time ago due to its consummate tobacco items, which fall into the segment of premium tobacco brands. It is not a secret that Davidoff cigarettes have lots of awards and still are highly ranked in the list of the most called-for cigarettes.

Regardless the fact that these fags are of Swiss origin, they are manufactured by Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH, which has been recently purchased by the UK-based Imperial Tobacco company. Nowadays Davidoff cigarettes passed over other smoking brands of his producer and occupied the leading position. Zino Davidoff, the founder of this range of high-quality tobacco blends desired to launch a cig that would make smoking the pleasure it should be. His principle sounded as – “ultimate quality is above all”. Firm of purpose man always attains his goal and, as a result, appeared a smoking fag that is able to leave in the dust other illustrious tobacco items. Possessing an incredibly impressive flavor, distinctive aroma, Davidoff  discount cigarettes are required as by men so by women smokers. The manufacturer took care of smokers' demands and wishes and created a wide assortment of this genius smoking tobacco, which you can purchase in a moment without going outside. Due to our online discount cigarette store, you can select any of the following types at a cheap price: Davidoff Classic, Davidoff Gold, Davidoff Slims Gold, Davidoff Blue, Davidoff Slims Blue.

The Davidoff Cigarettes entered the market in 1986. They were produced by the German company Reemtsma. Their name was not an abstract one but called by the creator's name Zino Davidoff, who was the son of a tobacco merchant.

As for the author of this brand-his course of life and career were very difficult but exactly due to them, such an excellent and unforgettable brand was created. But what makes this brand of cigarettes so special? Firstly, the flavor is great. Secondly, the was designed an elegant and fashionable pack. Moreover, there is written the creators name (Davidoff) right in the center of the pack. When smoking, one may have such a feeling that the former one is present invisibly and inspires smoking.

There is advertised a slogan of this brand: "Davidoff - the Good Life". One may ask: - " What are real signs of good life? And what connection do these cigarettes have with good life?" There is a clear answer: they are the pleasure of smoking and satisfaction you get after the process of smoking. You forget about all your concerns and troubles. It is important what you are doing at the moment - you are smoking! These are the symbols of good life, aren't they?

These cigarettes are extraordinary in everything. Their length is 93 mm and that is of a great advantage. Because not every cigarettes brand can afford such a size. The smokers can smoke such cigarettes longer.

A special inner foil protects the cigarettes from fresh and keeps an essential medium for their taste. Years before, many cigarettes brands lost their customers only because the cigarettes lost their own freshness because of fresh air coming into the package. The filter was extended and that makes the taste of the cigarettes stronger and tobacco is felt so intensively like never before.

One can choose many Davidoff versions: Davidoff Lights, Davidoff Classic and Davidoff Slim Lights. Every time smoking different varieties, you will discover something new and unbelievable about the taste. Accessories, additionally provided by the manufacturing company, will only give a charm of novelty.


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