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Post by Admin on Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:38 pm

Bond Brand's history roots in the year 1902 when one of the worshippers of the company, King Albert, presented a new Boutique on Bond Street in London with the name of Phillip Morris himself. Bond is a conventional name for one of the well-known cigarettes brands of the Philip Morris Tobacco International, now part of Altria Group Company - Bond Street.

Bond is the so-called "middle-class" cigarettes. They usually have a very average price and are allowable for those who cannot buy something more expensive. Nevertheless, any Bond cigarette is still a production of high quality as Philip Morris is distinguished for their noble and qualitative standards. It is confirmed by many times awarded the blending formula of Bond Brand in the field of industry researches. That is why every Bond cigarettes smoker is undoubtedly contented with what he smokes.

It is a cigarette brand whish is sold in all continents of the world, more than in 50 countries -in Europe, Latin America, the USA. A premium version was introduced in 2006 - "Bond Street Special".

Originally Bond cigs were sorted in soft or hard packs, king size or long. Initial design was changed in the mid of nineties as a result of a re-branding process. At present an admirer of Bond brand can enjoy by new appearance combined with high quality proved by decades. The Bond pack's design is smooth, attractive looking and fresh, the pack is hard and contains 10 or 20 cigs per each.

Philip Morris International made this trademark. This brand of cigarettes is popular almost 100 years. No smoker has ever regretted to have bought these cigarettes. The famous London Street was the initial cause of the brand name. This street is very fashionable, where only the upper classes enjoy spending their leisure life. It means that the cigarettes, under such name can introduce you into high life of the elite. No matter what social status you have, you will be the part of this.

How is it possible? These cigarettes must be really expensive! Not at all! The price is average and affordable for any smoker. You should not also have doubt that the quality is bad. The advantage of these cigarettes is that they do not contain much tar and nicotine. The smoker can be assured not to inhale more nicotine he is not supposed to. The aroma is fine and delicate. One would imagine oneself smoking the cigarette at a social event, surrounded by the fashion-conscious men and women.

Bond Cigarettes is presented in the following flavors:

Bond Filter (Classic)
Bond Lights (blue)
Bond Super Lights (white)
Bond One

As it was required there were launched three additional flavors of "Bond Street Special":

Bond Rich
Bond Mild
Bond Fine
Bond Elegant

Choose any variation and you will not be disappointed!


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