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Chesterfield is a unique cigarette brand because of its tobacco mixed and aromatic flavor. One can compare these cigarettes with the delicious dish. Tasting these cigarettes will drive you into ecstasies. There is oriented for both men and women. There are cigarettes brands, which are purely feminine or masculine. Chesterfield is a lucky exception. Chesterfield is an extraordinary brand. The brand prolonged Chesterfield cigarette to 101 millimeter, whereas the other brands reached only 100 mm.

As a result, there appeared a slogan: "silly millimeter longer". It was especially emphasized that the cigarettes were not only longer but also better thanks to the best and advanced technologies in the tobacco industry. Discover these cigarettes varieties: Chesterfield Light, Chesterfield Classic and Chesterfield Ultra Light. Nowadays, the brand is as popular as before. Being originally American, the cigarettes reveal the truth about the American spirit and culture.

The Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company is known for Chesterfield, a cigarette brand that they manufactured from 1911 until 1998. The Drummond Tobacco Company of St. Louis, Missouri began making Chesterfield cigarettes in 1873.

A 'plug tobacco war' was fought during 1897 and 1898 with Drummond and Liggett & Myers on one side, and American Tobacco Company on the other. In October, 1898, Liggett & Myers became part of ATCo trust and continued to produce Chesterfield until the 1911 trust dissolution. L&M re-blended and repackaged Chesterfield to compete with the 1913 introduction of Camel Cigarettes. Nowadays, Chesterfield is manufactured by Philip Morris.

At present Chesterfield Cigarettes are a classic favorite, as Pall Mall and Lucky Strike cigarettes. At due period Chesterfield was one of the most smoked brands of cigarettes in the United States. Both versions - filtered and non-filtered ones were spread, though non filtered Chesterfield considered being very strong. Chesterfields are made for real smokers, and combine the three important things in each cigarette - mildness, excellent taste and cooler smoking.


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