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Sobranie cigarettes is a cigarette brand, which is one of the oldest tobacco brands in the world.

When one first comes across the name of the brand, one can be very surprised because of the unknown and at the same time surprising name. However, there is nothing wrong with it. This word comes from the Russian language and means a gathering or meeting. Moreover, these cigarettes were handmade in a Russian tradition.

Sobranie cigarettes brand is manufactured by Gallagher tobacco partnership in the post soviet areas such as the Ukraine, Russia. Thus, one should not wonder that the brand has a purely Russian name. The Russian language is the symbol of all the mentioned Soviet countries.

Being originally Russian, the cigarettes were also launched in London in 1879, named as Sobranie of London.

That time cigarettes had just come into fashion in Europe. It was very fashionable to spend the evening, holding a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in another. Especially, women were fond of the cigarettes. They thought that the cigarettes made them look more appealing and attractive.

This brand was and is still produced at Old Bond Street (the famous street). Fortunately, the cigarettes were not only popular in Britain but they were supplied to royal courts of Spain, Romania and Greece.

Nowadays, ladies are chain smokers and devoted to this brand of cigarettes. The packages of the cigarettes have all different and incredible colors, which are so eye-catching for every woman.

When you decide to try Sobranie Red for the first time, you may be inclined to expect a cigarette that is similar both in nature in style with the impeccable line of Sobranie Black Russian, White Russian and Cocktail, but this may not be the case really. The whole concept has been somehow altered, but the quality of tobacco featured by this new variety has remained a true success, just like in the case of the traditional varieties mentioned above.

A few elements qualify Sobranie Red as one of the most intense and interesting cigarettes on the market; this article deals with such facts and to the way they’ve managed to convince so many people out there to give them a try, most of which remaining true fans of this brand due to their experience with Sobranie Red:

There is a perfect balance between the taste, the volume, and the tar of this particular variety of cigarettes. This is the main reason why you can have them at anytime, irrespective of context.
The design of the back (red and black) is superb in every way. Learn how to make the difference between casual and superb with this pack and how to humiliate competition with a single pack of Sobranie Red because it may prove extremely useful in the short and long run provided that you’re a regular smoker.
The texture of both the pack and the cigarette is discreet enough as to make you perceive the entire experience as a light one, though the cigarettes inside the pack are quite strong in relation to Sobranie Blue, for example.

If you decide to buy Sobranie Red, the best thing to do is to surf the internet and find spectacular offers. More often than not, these cigarettes are cheaper than those found in local stores, while the quality is by all means identical.


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