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This brand of cigarettes appeared in England in 1890. These cigarettes have a very old and rich tradition of these cigarettes manufacturing. That is why Rothmans cigarettes enjoy a high reputation worldwide. The mass consumption of this brand contributed to the manufacturing company share growth on the world market.

Rothmans International cigarettes have a large fan base thanks to their comforting taste and a special blend of tobacco. Known for having a smooth flavor and an exceptional taste, these luxury cigarettes are always a crowd pleaser. Rothmans International cigarettes carry a rich heritage, and are well-known the world over for providing superb smoking experience.

Rothmans International cigarettes have a balanced strength with a delicious roasted flavor, perfect for any time or place. The smoky flavor is pleasant without being too overwhelming. The standard of quality in this product is evident from the sight of the package alone. A strong royal blue color with the regal Rothman crest proudly displayed on the front, from the moment you pull out one of these fine filtered cigarettes, you're sure to create a stir. For a superior flavor that's rare to find, try Rothmans International cigarettes. Now ready to be shipped worldwide directly from our store.

The cigarettes taste is unbelievable and charming. Some people even described it as a comforting one. Every smoker can enjoy it at work, at home and everywhere he or she spends the spare time. These cigarettes suit to every occasion and will not bother or cause any inconveniences.

There are two kinds of the cigarettes packages: red lights and blue one. The second package is considered not a light one. The difference is the content of the basic cigarettes components: tar and nicotine, plus carbon monoxide.

Rothmans is not only famous for its taste and aroma but also for the sponsorship of Team Williams-Renault Formula 1 from 1994 to 1997. One must add, that the engine of the cars had the colors, requested by the manufacturing company of the cigarettes.

This cooperation was profitable for both sides. The team became the world champion and the brand became even more open for the audience. It could advertise itself and show the advantages of smoking exactly these cigarettes.


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