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cigarettes offer smokers a smooth and refreshing experience. Famous for their recessed filter, Parliaments are world renowned for being smooth, clean, great tasting cigarettes. Their patented filter makes sure that the only thing that touches you lips is great tasting flavor. Parliament cigarettes have a tar content that's lower than the average cigarette, which significantly enhances their uniquely sharp and tangy flavor.

These cigarettes come in a white box, with their famous blue crest across the front. These cigarettes have a slow and even burn to them, making your smoke break a more enjoyable experience. Despite being made with a premium blend of tobacco, these cigarettes are sold at an extremely affordable price. A world leader in great tasting cigarettes, Parliaments are a quality cigarette brand waiting to be discovered.

brand of cigarettes was marketed in the United States in 1931. These cigarettes were the first ones, which introduced the filter tip for a better filtration.

Parliament cigarettes brand also belongs to Philip Morris Company and is on offer world wide. The brand had already had a good reputation.

However, the Parliament is especially at the peak of popularity in Russia and the USA. The cigarettes sales volumes are very high and were increased to 15%.

These were the cigarettes, which had a new innovative recessed paper filter. This new filter provided a better filtration and prevented from staining.

Parliament cigarettes have a very peculiar taste and flavor. On the one hand, the taste is mild but on the other one - quite strong. This unusualness is reached due to the advanced technologies in order to create a special and unforgettable taste. The whole process of smoking becomes "a piece of art" because of these important factors.

There is the following assortment of cigarettes available: Night Blue (full flavor), Lights, Extra Lights, Menthol Full Flavor, Menthol Lights and Menthol Ultra Lights.

European markets offer additionally the King Size variant. As for the price, the price is affordable for European as well for American customers.


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