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Post by Admin on Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:13 am

Pall Mall is a famous cigarettes brand. This brand is not only famous for the cigarettes quality but also for their size. And this size is exactly called King size (85 mm). Later, there appeared 100mm cigarettes, called "Longs". There were no such precedents before hand. The manufacturer ("Butler & Butler Cigarette Company") of the brand was a pioneer in its own way. And, consequently, it caused a sensation world wide.

Now, let us get to know the method of these cigarettes manufacturing. The cigarettes are tightly and closely packed with tobacco. That is why, the burning of it much slower during smoking that by the brands of cigarettes. The taste is smooth and the process of smoking lasts longer. As a result, any smoker is greatly satisfied with the provided effect. What else can he wish? When smokers are asked to characterize the Pall Mall cigarettes, they simply answer: "They are unbelievable and mild, very mild!"

The design of the pack is magnetic and historic: there are two lions, with regal crown, holding shield with knights helm on the top. There is a phrase, written in the Latin language, below the shield: "Hoc Signo Vinces". The exact translation is: "You will conquer with this sign". The Latin is phrase is of course not invented; it was on the shields of Constantine's army, when he conquered Rome and captured many people and enslaved them.

The placing of this phrase is clear: this brand is for the champions, people, who are not afraid of anything, except for the Almighty and are ready to perform a feat of valor. These cigarettes will support them anywhere they are.

The packs are also rich in diversity of colors. Every kind of Pall Mall has a different color and that helps to select the favorite taste and aroma. There are Pall Mall Red, Pall Mall Blue, Pall Mall Amber and Pall Mall Ultimate Lights. The difference between them is in the tar and nicotine content. Some of them are stronger or lighter. The Slim version of Pall Mall brand will definitely please the most capricious and habitual smokers. It is up to smokers to decide what variant of the cigarettes offered are suitable for them.


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