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Post by Admin on Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:15 am

Newport menthol cigarettes are among the most popular cigarette brands on the market, catering to smokers who seek a cleaner and fresher smoking experience. With a nicotine content of 0.2mg, Newports are known best for using nothing but a quality tobacco blend, which is evident with every minty drag.

Smokers seeking a bold, natural and minty flavor, with a smoothness that leaves a feeling of satisfaction would do well to check out Newport cigarettes. Everyone has their own tastes, Newport realizes this, and has gone to great lengths to deliver. This is, by far, the best menthol cigarette available, and now it is more affordable than ever before.

Not all smokers are into a strong tobacco flavor. Some like their cigarettes mild and fresh. Menthol cigarettes have become the tasty, refreshing version of regular cigarettes and so they have gained great popularity among many smokers. There is no doubt that the leading brand of menthol cigarettes is Newport. Newport cigarettes were introduced in the late 1950s by the Lorillard Tobacco Company in North Carolina. At the time, Newport cigarettes were known to be quite expensive; however, today you can get them for a low price.


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