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A well-known and wide-spread brand of Marlboro cigarettes was introduced onto the English market in 1847. The cigarettes were on offer in America only in 1902.

One must add, that Philip Morris tobacco Company was founded in the middle of the nineteenth century and all the cigarettes produced by it were already initially successful.

This brand got its name from the name of Great Marlborough Street. It was the address, where its London Factory was situated at the very beginning.

There was created a new subsidiary in New York in order to sell Marlboro cigarettes as well as the other tobacco products. As a result, it was a great success. Women, for whom these cigarettes were aimed and, of course, suitable, admired the taste and the flavor.

There was a slogan "Mild as May". Women could understand that the taste was very mild and melted in the mouth. Some even compared it with an ice-cream.

This brand was highly appreciated when it issued many advertising ads with a real macho on it. It was the famous "Marlboro Man", who became the icon of the brand and saved situation, which was not in favor of the company. There were times when the cigarettes had to be taken out of the sale, But Marlboro resisted and continued to please us further.

The meaning of this brand is incomplete if you don’t know how important its varieties are at an international level. The whole concept that stood behind the marketing campaign advertised by Marlboro was that it takes more than one type of cigarette to attain worldwide success. Their classic offer encompasses three types of cigarette:

Marlboro Red – The real classic variety, this one is preferred by people who smoke a quality cigarette on a regular basis. Don’t assume that they are very strong, because they are not; yet, the filling sensation you get after one single cigarette should make you think twice about the quality of this brand.
Marlboro Gold – A light cigarette that gained international attention lately due to its very intuitive and suggestive combination of tar and nicotine. It is generally bought by women of all ages and by people who only smoke socially, because this cigarette is not extremely unpleasant to people who don’t smoke and happen to be near.
Marlboro Silver – Dedicated to young people who have just taken up smoking and want to try something completely new and of high quality. They should be regarded as ultra lights, even if the filling sensation separates them from this category. They are soft and soothing and many young women out there purchase them on a daily basis.

The best way to take advantage of this collection is to search online for a reliable retailer and to order one box of each. This will give you the opportunity of sampling each and every one of the three types of Marlboro cigarettes and it will also keep you on the safe side of the road as far as prices are concerned. These three varieties of Marlboro are often sold with discounts and solid offers are always available online so make sure you get yours as soon as you can if you want to benefit of this brand.


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