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L&M is a brand of cigarettes, produced by Ligget & Myers tobacco company (this company was founded in 1873). L&M is just an abbreviation of the whole name of the company. These cigarettes are very popular nowadays. Especially, young smokers are fond of this brand. The smooth taste of these cigarettes and unbelievable flavor are just what a young and only young person needs in every day life. The price is also not high and affordable for everybody.

There were written interesting and eye-catching slogans for this brand: "Just What the Doctor Ordered" and "The Proud Smoke". These slogans show that the brand is highly appreciated by people. There is no doubt that the quality is great. Even the doctors would not mind smoking these cigarettes in order to destress after a long and difficult working day. L&M cigs are a smoking trade name that has succeeded over other famous cigarettes due to its high quality and specific taste.

Now, Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company belongs to the well-known Philips Morris 'Altria Group.

This tobacco product is sold on tobacco markets in more than 60 countries. At the very beginning, L&M was sold as chewing tobacco. But within the next five years of L&M brand production, Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company became the world's largest chewing tobacco producer.

No other brand can compete with this brand. The cigarettes are so special and unique that everyone just falls in love with them after having smoked the very first cigarette.

One of the most important change L&M cigarettes brought in the tobacco industry is a particular flavor directly related to menthol cigarettes. Smokers passionate of menthol know very well that there are many differences between various brands and types of smoking when it comes to menthol. So here's a very short of the concept:

Menthol has initially been introduced long time ago, as an improvement to pipe smoking. It is believed that the Japanese knew the beneficial effects of menthol ever since 2000 years ago. Even so, it reached Europe roughly in the 18th century.
Special fragrances related to menthol (mint, sage, etc.) have been used in India and the Middle East for centuries for waterpipes (aka hookas).
The first menthol cigarette in the modern era dates back to 1925 and it was developed by Lloyd Hughes.
Today, menthol is widely available either in cigarettes or in various ads for smoking, like menthol crystals for pipe smoking.
So what makes L&M menthol cigarettes special? It's a special combination that is highly valued by smokers of menthol cigarettes: very strong flavor, medium tar, and the persistence of menthol to the last smoke. They're also a cheap solution, especially in USA and Canada.

People smoking menthol cigarettes often complain that after less than two weeks the taste doesn't feel strong anymore. This happens partly because they get accustomed to the taste and partly due to the small quantity of menthol in regular cigarettes. As opposed to them, L&M menthol cigarettes have a stronger, more consistent taste.

Apart from that, they look good. People around you don't need to know you smoke menthol and L&M takes care of that: the cigarettes are white and the suggestion is rather subtle (the name of the brand is colored in green on the filter).


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